How to build a friendship

Each one of our friends help us in our growing. That is because of the experiences together, the counsels or the importance of the relation. The truth friends are family without any blood ties. Sometimes they represent more things than a cousin, uncle or even brothers, we are training in some games, like minecraft and lineage II, for this reason we are playing and we invite you to aprender a jugar minecraft with friends.
A friend tells you what he thinks unashamedly. Because a friend worries about you, not about your reactions. For this, and more reasons, we give you 5 counsels to maintain and develop your friendships relations.

• Give and receive:  Every relation is based on this principle. You give something, and then you will receive. We are not talking about money or clothes. We talk about effort, time and love.
• Confidence: If you can trust your friend, everything is going well. The confidence is something that grows up with time. Work for it.
• Honesty: Be honest and then you will have a lot of respect for yourself. As well, the people will respect you. The honesty is very important to have a nice relation of friendship.
• Tolerance: You have to tolerate your friend’s qualities and differences. This is very important to have a friendship, because everybody has something that could be weird for the other people.
• Be unconditional: Take care of your friends, as you take care of yourself. That is being unconditional.